D6 Bulldozer Undercarriage

CAT D6 Undercarriage Parts

We offer complete undercarriage and undercarriage parts for the Cat D6 series bulldozer. All of our undercarriage parts come backed by a 3 year, 4,000 hour warranty. In addition to undercarriage parts, we also offer other new and used parts/components for the Cat D6 bulldozer. Contact us today to see how we can help.

The large D6 Family includes

D6, D6B, D6C, D6C LGP, D6D, D6D LGP, D6E, D6F, D6G, D6H, D6H Extended Frame, D6H Fine Grading, D6H LGPD, D6H XL, D6H XR, D6K LT, D6M LGP, D6M XL, D6N LGP, D6N XL, D6R, D6R LGP, D6R XL, D6R XR, D6R XW, D6T D6T LGP, D6T XL, & the D6T XW

Caterpillar D6 Bulldozer

With a normal operating weight of 18 tons, this medium size Cat bulldozer is built tough. This machine first hit the market in 1935. The fact that this bulldozer is still in production says a lot about it’s quality and durability. With proper maintenance, this machine can last forever. Be sure to always put on high quality replacement undercarriage and parts when needed to keep this bulldozer moving.

    Cat Undercarriage Request

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    CAT D6 Undercarriage

    excavator sprockets

    Cat D6 Sprockets

    Our sprockets and segment groups are specifically designed to provide extended life and durability for the toughest working conditions. We offer sprockets for crawlers, dozers and excavators.

    undercarriage rollers

    Cat D6 Rollers

    PIVOT supplies the construction and mining industry with top carrier rollers along with single and double flange bottom track rollers. Our rollers are manufactured to provide excellent service in extreme operating conditions.

    undercarriage idlers

    Cat D6 Idlers

    We also carry a wide range of idlers that are fabricated and cast from high strength steel. This is to maintain the integrity of our product and reliability for your machine.

    excavator undercarriage

    Cat D6 Track Assembly

    PIVOT offers track group assemblies as well as individual track chains. Our track chains come either greased or sealed and lubricated in Standard or Heavy Duty options. All track groups can be assembled prior to shipment for your convenience and ease of install.

    undercarriage track pads

    Cat D6 Track Pads

    We supply a variety of arrangements when it comes to your machine’s track shoes that have been designed and tested for your specific application. All of our track pads come either with a single, double or triple grouser setup. You also have the option of with or without mud-holes, standard or extreme service, along with various widths.

    track adjuster

    Cat D6 Track Adjusters

    PIVOT also carries several options for complete track adjuster assemblies, springs and seal kits. Our track adjusters are direct replacement for fit, form and function and have been specifically engineered to operate under extreme working conditions to keep you moving.

    Cat D6N-XL

    We recently provided a complete undercarriage for a Cat D6N-XL bulldozer to a customer in Idaho who was nice enough to share these photos with us.


    Cat D6N-LGP

    We supplied both sides of this Cat D6N-LGP dozer with 46 Link SALT tracks assembled with 24″ single grouser track pads, top rollers, bottom rollers, segment sprocket groups, front and rear idlers to our customer in California.

    Cat D6N-XL

    Our customer in Texas sent us some photos of 40 link SALT tracks assembled with 24″ single grouser track pads, top rollers, bottom rollers, segment sprocket groups, front, and rear idlers.



    Cat D6D

    For our customer in Texas we supplied both sides of his Caterpillar D6D dozer with 36 Link SALT tracks assembled with ESS 20″ single grouser track pads. 



    We supplied 48″ single grouser track pads for this D6K2 Super LGP bulldozer to our customer in Massachusetts.


    We provided 8 single flange bottom rollers for a Caterpillar D6RXL bulldozer to a customer and they were kind enough to share this photo with us.